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STILL locked out on Twitter (@ispyradio) for sharing a link & tweeting how Twitter banned people for tweeting about Benford's law.

Benford's law is a statistical tool that examines distribution of numbers & has been used in court to prove voter fraud. Everything in that last sentence is 100% correct and fact.

Other tweets about Benford's law are allowed, including a Gateway Pundit article also discussing Benford's law. So why not mine?

Apparently, it was the link in the tweet. (Which I actually got from the GWP article, as their source for their article). I had tried to share the link in a PRIVATE Facebook message and FB immediately blocked it too.

The link went to a website that is operated by a Chinese national who is against the communist party and is pro-democracy, part of the Free HK movement.

Now why would Twitter and FB be so against that?

I refuse to take down my "offending tweet."

Here's the link

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