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@SharylAttkisson I could use your help. 90% of these actions in DC could have been prevented had term limits been passed into law. On Facebbok, we just started a group Term Limits by '22. The idea is to grow the group and start vetting candidates who would push for term limits and returning America to a Citizen govt. Check us and if it merits, help us spread the word. #swampdrain #congressionaltermlimits

We have no shot at a future with President Trump unless we get people electedthat support the Constitution. I have formed a group on Facebook called Term Limits by '22 and our job is to get a Senate and a Congress that really defend the Constitution and put America first. @SeanHannity @SheriffClarke @TuckerCarlson @Marklevinshow @petehegseth

@SeanHannity - The left is now saying that math in higher education is racist. Notice that anything difficult - success, good grades, being law abiding, not using drugs, etc., they oppose. It's as if they wand an America that is dumb and dependent.

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Help us grow and hire area Veterans to full-time jobs. We don't needinvestors. Our gourmet dry rubs are already winning awards. Real Maine ingredients to flavor up anything that used to have fur, fins or feathers. Every bottle ordered puts us closer to hiring an area Veteran. Check out and see for yourself. #veteranownedandoperated #itstheMaineThing #bubnmuthas #meatrubbedright

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