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RMBR9-11 ConstitutionalCrisis

@Rasterman101 Biden is talking about sending the United States border patrol to the Mexico, Guatemala border because there is a giant surge on its way through Guatemala. It’s the fourth story down on the Breitbart app right now. Go to it and read it.

U.S. border patrol is being sent to patrol the Mexico Guatemala boundary which I assume is the border of southern Mexico. That doesn’t sound like a job for United States border patrol. How many of these guys might get killed? Biden is a fool. Does this administration know how to run anything smoothly?

Hey Bernie Sanders, every law abiding American owning a Smith & Wesson hand gun is Infrastructure🙋

You want to know about reparations? Listen to Dr. Michael Savage podcast from March 18 titled “Reparations, rape of a nation, the big Lie of reparations”. It’s outstanding.

Congratulations to Hideki Matsuyama for a fine win at The Masters. First Japanese player to win The Masters. I’m sure his country is very proud of him. He is a fine young role model.

I thought the people on CNN were anti-vaccine back in October before the November election? When they are posting their vaccine photos are they thanking Donald Trump for getting the vaccine produced? Jim Crow Joe had nothing to do with the development and production of these vaccines. Remember Jim Crow Joe got his vaccine on December 22 a month before he was even in office.

Liz Cheney must be ousted from her seat in the next primary. On CBS this morning she said that the election was not stolen, that the problem is “Trump is at war with the constitution”. What the hell is she talking about? Article 2 of the constitution was violated by Secretaries of State, Governors and State Supreme Courts. These institutions did not uphold state laws which the constitution states that the legislators of such states set forth these laws. State Secretaries of State and or Governors cannot change state law and extend voting or mail in balloting without approval from the legislators. So the constitution was violated and Liz Cheney needs to go. President Donald Trump is and was one of the most pro constitutional politicians in that crap hole of Washington DC. Why isn’t she spending her time talking about the Marxism in the White House now?

Dan Crenshaw, we are praying for you brother. Pray that you heal quickly and come back to Congress to stand strong.

Mr. Ridley we know you are just trying to appease the left but we would rather not hear about voting laws during the Masters tournament.

Is Biden going to donate his salary like Trump? I don’t think so. He’s going to donate our incomes by higher taxes. Socialist pig he is.

If we’re not teaching children proper mathematics how do we engineer and build safe buildings 20 or 30 years from now? Correct answers are needed when engineering and designing safe buildings that won’t collapse. If the building wants to collapse it doesn’t care what color your skin is.

So we have homeless veterans all over America and Biden is housing illegal aliens in United States military bases. And the servicemen are ordered to keep their mouths shut of what they are seeing. Biden is the enemy to American citizens. Unbelievable!!!!

Biden’s labor secretary Walsh said that it is pretty hard to live on $15 an hour, that it is not a living wage. Well if you keep spending trillions of dollars mostly on nothing tangible $50 an hour will not be a living wage. Economics 101, the more you print the less it’s worth.

Everything this week is “Jim Crow” to Joe Crow Biden. I would like to ask him one question. Is the murdering of black babies by abortion by the thousands every year in the United States “Jim Crow”?

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No, that’s white supremacy, not Jim Crow.

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I hope you’re kidding

Now that the idiotic major league baseball has chosen sides with the leftist Marxist they have canceled the All-Star game in Atlanta because of the great new election law. So what do you bet that the game now ends up being played in Washington DC? Then all the liberal elites can attend the game along with Fauci the Fascist. I’m sure they will say attendance in the ballpark can be at full capacity for their little liberal celebration.

Texas Senate passes a fair election law and Democrats are livid. And they are howling again Jim Crow Jim Crow Jim Crow Jim Crow Jim Crow. Biden keeps howling Jim Crow Jim Crow. I’ve heard Jim Crow more in the last week than I have in the last decade. Biden is the king of race baiting, Joe Crow Joe Crow Joe Crow! Good thing he is the king of something because he sure in the hell isn’t a presidential leader.

All of us Levinits should organize and meet up somewhere this summer like Sturgis. Or start something new somewhere in Wyoming. I think Wyoming voted somewhere around 75% Trump. That’s got to be a good place!

I guess I’m stupid but I thought infrastructure was building things out of concrete and steel ? Now it’s school lunches and racial equity 👎🏽

Now the CEO of Coca-Cola is speaking out against George’s new election fairness law. He says it must be changed. Time for us conservatives to boycott Coca-Cola along with Delta Airlines. We will just keep adding to the list if need be. If major-league baseball moves the All Star Game out of Atlanta we also need to boycott the MLB.

Every day I think to myself “can it get any worse”? And then I turn on the news and the Biden administration has some new bafoonish policy or idea. I’m almost convinced every morning Biden calls in the staff and says “OK, what are we gonna come up with today to bring ruin to the United States”?

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I hear’s hard to take