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Crushr13 Crushr13 Conservative, living in the now hell of Northern California. I prefer to think for myself and make my own choices. Let's unite in freedom of choice and ideas, and share them.
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Kevin Sorbo · @Ksorbs ·

Trumpism is Capitalism plus Freedom of Speech. And as to "nationalism" - the opposite is globalism which is global redistribution of wealth - communism. Communism is an ideology that bans Christianity.

Trump wasn't chosen for his sexual purity, neither was JFK, Clinton or Cuomo. It is Trump's policies that made Christians like me vote for him. He made us prosperous, secure borders, legal immigration, energy independence, low fuel prices, pro-growth economic policy, record low unemployment across all ethnic groups, peace through strength that resulted in no wars, no terrorist attacks, pro-life, pro-veteran, pro-police, pro-Freedom of Speech, pro-Freedom of Religion, pro-Second Amendment, etc.

Seek Truth. Read Facts. Listen to Others.

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Crushr13 · @Crushr13 ·

This describes Trump perfectly. He is not perfect, but he means well, and for all of the people. Someone in politricks I can finally support, and who is not doing tricks himself. True to his word.

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Crushr13 · @Crushr13 ·

Interesting. One more thing to confirm that covid19 is a PLANdemic. Just saw from Bloomberg that vaccinated people can now meet mask-free, but should still wear masks in public.

Interesting, since I thought the whole purpose of masks were... what we've been told fromthe beginning on this, is that masks were to protect others from what we might breathe out.

Well, if I am vaccinated, I should be harmful virus free, and should no longer need a mask because I would not be putting out dangerous virus cells in my breath.

But if I would still need to weara mask in public, then that was all false, and further evidence that what the government leaders, the democrats in charge, are telling us is just another lie, with the purpose of blindly controlling us, like lemmings. It also explains why we see so many leaders in public places without masks.

And that is because this has all been bullshit from the beginning.

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Crushr13 · @Crushr13 ·

Welcome to the Marxist Nazi Fascist States of America, now run by the very democrats who stole it.

Watch closely as they pass HR1, the "For The People Act", which is everything but. If it passes, and they now have the House and Senate control to pass it, we conservatives will never be allowed to have any freedom in our own country. This is a crime, and it is totally wrong. And the democrats do not care. If it passes, we will pretty much have a Soviet country. No one's vote will count anymore. We will all have mail-in ballots. No verification of those ballots or of who registers to vote. And more stuff of the kind. We will have lost our country. And we have no way to stop them now. The coup is pretty much complete. We are pretty much done. I hang my head in fear, and defeat. I don't know what I can do. I wish I did. Best to everyone. We will readily become a 3rd world country with this kind of leadership.

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I can’t wrap my head around how that would not start the revolution to remove clowns from among us

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Me, either.