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Daisyhidden Daisyhidden

Where is Santasurfing?

Yea! I found Santa 🏄‍♂️

I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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Welcome! For people looking for Parler tips and how tos Check out @parlersupport or the Parler Youtube page. The videos are in both places. There is also a Parler101 channel which has some good data as well.

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Parler Parler is a social media platform build around creating discussion and for users to talk to each other, share news, share hobbies and debate freely without w...

Welcome to Parler! Hello, welcome to Parler from @CamilleWead Share with your friends and welcome to the conversation!

Welcome to Parler! Help us MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by clicking the link below. Be sure to text TRUMP to 88022!

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Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!