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Dlandreas50 Dlandreas50 Old country boy, retired NOT tired. Veteran, I hunt, fish, camp, burn a lot of wood and put a lot of miles on the RZR.

Take 5 minutes and listen. It's for the Republic.

Lee Greenwood The Battle Hymn of the Republic - Google Search
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Should be Trumps theme song at every rally

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I would like to say,
Rush Limbaugh always said he didn't want his show to be about him.
FINALLY his show IS about him and it's well deserved!!

We are so finished with Zuckerberg's FASCIST acts.

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Faces of America - Stars & Stripes Forever PAC Stars and Stripes is excited to announce our special Faces of America project designed to reach voters in key demographics in efforts to win votes from the Democrats over to the Republicans.

yea so glad you're back