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Effyourfeelings2020 Effyourfeelings2020 I just love watching the snowflakes cry. Hobby Lobby has coloring books, but get them while they last. They're going fast.

Someone is trending on Twitter. @LaurenBeobert #LaurenBoebertisSoDumb

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One person showed up for his triumphant return. LOL

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Ya they were all busy showing support for Cuomo likely

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Or being groped by Cuomo!

That was so sweet of you to confuse Trump with Joe’s entire campaign trail. We don’t call him no show joe because he/him doesn’t show up! Lol!

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Joe didn't get Covid, did he? He also didn't get his vaccination in secret. LOL

@Effyourfeelings2020 Wow! Talk about off subject! Lol! How would one know if Joe had Covid, he hides in his basement everyday. Not one press conference? Not one? Is Joe hiding something? Me thinks someone’s up to no good! Kamala is waiting to take over! Just wait and see.

@Krazysouthernboy Who's sitting in the Oval Office and who's out on the golf course?

@Krazysouthernboy President Biden is speaking tonight and he has already signed the COVID relief package. Talk about taking a victory lap. Don't feel like you need to take the $1400+ just give it all to the trump* PAC. He'll need it for his defense fund.

@Effyourfeelings2020 Well Trump is probably golfing, since he’s a private citizen(who happens to own many golf courses) (that’s was an easy one) Kamala is most probably in the oval office(lately she’s by his side almost everywhere he goes) ( like a shark waiting to smell blood and attack) and sleepy no show Joe is missing as usual. Except when they need his signature to pass a socialist bill or give free money to bankrupt liberal states under the guise of helping the people! Lol! 9% going to help people and that doesn’t piss you off!

@Krazysouthernboy My point is trump* lost the election. He doesn't give a shit about you or the rest of his cult followers. He'll be spending most of his time defending lawsuits and criminal indictments. Why has Michael Cohen been silent these last few weeks. And for the record, trump* wasted over $400 million of tax payer money golfing at his golf courses. Don't believe me? go to

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Trump Golf Count Trump Golf Count: Tracking President Trump's golf outings so you don't have to!

@Effyourfeelings2020 Sorry, I don’t take free money from the government. I’m not owned nor can I be bought with a few measly $$’s like you liberals are! Besides, I make too much money, even if I was a mooch like you, I wouldn’t get it. You see I was taught to go out and make my way, not wait or depend on others. If you take a victory lap for 2 trillion of debt your fanatical liberal goons passed, then you aren’t a real American. You are traitor to your country and it’s constitutional laws. Giving away 91% of 2 trillion in pork barrel spending ought to upset even an uneducated idiot! Are you smarter than one?

@Effyourfeelings2020 Every president spends money every time he takes a crap. The man/him power to keep up security is where most of the money goes. We all know that. Obama golfed too and the “R”’s bitched just like you do. But 2 TRILLION! Come on bro/dude/sir.

@Effyourfeelings2020 I see your CNN degree is showing needle dick

@Whymeee You have me confused with your mommy! They call me big boy for a good reason.

@Whymeee I wouldn’t give a nickel for the liars at CNN!

@Effyourfeelings2020 Lol COVID relief package. 9% going for actual COVID spending. The rest for libtard bribes and payments. Your to dumb to realize how this will effect future generations that will pay the price one way or the other. Gobble Gobble

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That’s a lie! I saw many there with a huge trump flag!!

That’s more than showed for Biden

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LOL You're commenting on a 10 day old post? And how butt hurt are you that you had to be so childish and comment with a lie? LOL

@Effyourfeelings2020 You’re fun!

You must be n very bitter person

There was no announcement & he probably wanted to be a private citizen without all the masses following him. Effyourfeelings2029, asshole.

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