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Irishteal31607 Irishteal31607

Joe Biden’s america anything goes

A crisis at the border , rioting in the streets , defund the police calls .. oh no and Kamala pretend it’s not happening

Hey Kamala go back on the plane and go to Minnesota bail out the rioters .... since you don’t care about the border .

How can you turn a blind eye when you see kids cramped together in beyond over crowded facilities and the rate of Covid rising and suspected terrorists coming across the border . Joe and Kamala hello

Joe and Kamala won’t go to the border , Fauci is turning a blind eye and this country is going downhill fast . America last 2021

Take away Joe. So if someone breaks into your house you’re screwed ....

Yet you can’t get Kamala or Fauci to make an appearance

Good riddance MLB take your work ideas with you

Fauci asked to go the border he acts uh duh when asked don’t you want to see the super spreader shouldn’t you be concerned Anthony

60 minutes just like uh oh and circle back one giant lie

Joe Biden turning america into a 3rd world hell hole

By the time 45 potentially returns to power he will really have a mess to clean up !!!!!

When you see a video of 2 toddlers being tossed over a border wall you ask yourself where Congress is on calling out oh no joe this is all you .....

Big tech you can try to cancel 45 but in 2024 you could be the ones getting canceled .....

By the time joe gets done no america !!!!

Do you think the migrants living in squalor at the border think joe is the humanitarian president

Anything joe wants to do means kiss the money goodbye 👋

Chuck wants to show be more legislation through and cut out the republicans..... republican uprising 2022

Well now having president Harris or whatever uh oh Joe wants to call her handle the border CRISIS that should solve things #comeback45🇺🇸

“It’s cyclical “. “We’ve seen this before “ “we want to be transparent “
Not since team joe and Kamala have been in office ... what crisis ?
4 years ago this was all handled ......