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Drain The Swamp drainthesswamp2021 We're the newest Parlers here, after closing definitely an old era with Facebook and Tiwtter. We'e been censured and silenced, but anymore! 2021 is all about new beginnings! Boycott the Big Tech!

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Do not Try and watch Video it has a Bug in it

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Name Hidden · @Private User

If it has a bug in it why doesn't it get removed?

Do you really thing the national guard and all of them "walls" will protect you idiots after ALL THE TREASONOUS TRUTH COMES OUT ABOUT YOU TRATIORS! YOU WILL BE WISHING YOU GET PRISON, THATS THE EAZY WAY FOR YOU IDIOTS

Martial Law. As soon as they get Joe out of the way they know the American people are going to freak out.

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Michele you shot that one like a sniper. They are certainly there for a coming reason. Not for Trump supporters, not for any Supreme Court results, they all been shot down, and not to make us believe they are in a constant threat. I say is something that is coming that we know what it is, and they know we ain't going to like it. It all points to Kamala in results slapping the 25th to Sleepy Joe


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Crap I opened, but my security said safe?

The link is not reachable and warns of a virus on iphone.

Air drop the illegas behond the gates, and weld them shut.

evil that's what the Democratic Party is pure evil