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Kenneth Cline pettyeagles

All women are to be the accuse a Socialist. NY Gov. Cuomo accused of sexual harassment for 2nd time. #salcedostorm

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Dan Bongino · @Dbongino ·

I could use your help. Please subscribe to my free podcast if you don’t mind. It helps me fight back against the liberal tyrant’s many attempts to cancel us. Thank you.

Please subscribe here 👇🏻👇🏻

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How to become President!
This is how you can Win

• Stay in a basement
• Be Sleepy & Creepy
• Be bad at reading Teleprompters
• Have small rallies
• Say “You Aint Black" to black people
• Love China
• Have Dead Supporters
• Know How to Cheat

What did I miss?

I’m being asked to treat Biden better than the liberals treated President Trump. Some conservatives & liberals are asking me to respect Joe Biden by calling him Mr. President


I don’t respect cheaters! Joe Biden is an Illegitimate Leader! Fake President

Trump won fair and square in 2016 & 2020 so I respect him not Joe

Who’s with me ✋

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Hodgetwins · @Hodgetwins ·

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How long is it going to take for Parler to get their shit together? I'm tired of all the "timed out" bullshit.

They think if they say it enough it will become true.🙄

He sent Covid19 positive patients to nursing homes to cause as many casualties as possible. They knew early on that the elderly were the most at risk!