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Red Eagle Politics redeagle YouTuber, America’s #1 Elections Expert, National Populist, Conservative, Orthodox Christian, #AmericaFirst

“If COVID never happened, the election laws would have been relatively the same, and Trump would have won in a landslide.”

TRUMP LANDSLIDE? - The 2020 Election if COVID Never Happened (Alt History) Looking at the election map if COVID never took place, and the election laws remained relatively similar. BECOME A MEMBER: FOLLOW ME ON...
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Or better yet if trump didn’t hand the presidency to emperor Fauci for several weeks

“After a year of muzzling his constituents with coping devices to appease a mob, Greg Abbott did the right thing yesterday and I guess he deserves some credit for it.”

TEXAS IS FREE! - Abbott RESCINDS Mask Mandate After Almost One Year Greg Abbott ended mandatory coping today in the state of Texas by rescinding his mask mandate. BECOME A MEMBER: FOLLOW ME ON ALT TECH:...
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Free To Remain Stupid?

“While it’s unlikely a Republican will be Governor of New York anytime soon, the probability of it happening seems to be slowly increasing.”

CUOMO IN TROUBLE? - New Scandals May Cause Resignation or 2022 Defeat Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA Metal: Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Andrew Cuomo is...
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Too many low IQ voters live in NY to vote for a MAGA candidate!


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My highly requested Presidential Tier List is here:

U.S. Presidential Rankings Tier List (REP Edition) This is my U.S. President rankings tier list, from George Washington all the way to Donald Trump. BECOME A MEMBER: FOLLOW ME ON ALT TECH:...

Big corporations shouldn’t have the power to gang up on those with opposing views and de-facto remove them from society. Believing this doesn’t make one a “socialist” or “leftist—it makes them reasonable.

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Well said

They only censor us because they know they have no good counter argument. They know the only way to win is to erase us from polite society.

Agree fully .. this story is in line with your thinking.

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“Pelosi’s chances at holding her speakership position are looking slim. However, Republicans still need to find the right candidates in their bid to retake the house to be an effective bulwark against Biden’s agenda.”

REPUBLICAN TAKEOVER? - My First 2022 House Prediction The Best Survival Food On The Market! Click Here! SAVE $100 On A 4-Week Supply! Nancy Pelosi's 4-year run as Speaker of the House will likely be coming to an end...

It’s crazy to realize that the man portrayed by the media as the “George Wallace” of Hispanics put up margins in South Texas that even George Bush couldn’t dream of.

It’s almost like media labeling people as “racist” doesn’t work and isn’t a good way to gauge the electorate.

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Given Trump's success in South Texas you would think the GOP would move more in the direction of Trump and his policies instead of abandoning Trump

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—America is only as strong as its weakest conservative.

“Trump is working on stepping up his endorsement game in an attempt to repeal and replace the GOP Establishment with America First. This is big-time stuff from the former President.”

IT'S HAPPENING! - Trump Is Vetting 2022 Primary Challengers at Mar-a-Lago The Best Survival Food On The Market! Click Here! SAVE $100 On A 4-Week Supply! Donald Trump is stepping up his endorsement game by vetting 2022 primary challengers...
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Even with an election stolen from him, he is still rolling out the punches. What a chad! 😎

Don't call Trump the former president please, I can't stand that, I felt I'm insulted when I heard "former"
Just call Trump the president.
Call Biden the former VP.

Here's how you can install the Parler app on your iPhone without it being on the app store:

Hit the Share button while on Parler's home page and select "add to home screen." The new shortcut functions just like the app would.

It's the same way with Gab, for future reference.

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Love you man

I never uninstalled the app. It works fine

Nah, there have to be better alternatives.

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They have the app, so it can't be that hard to put it on a server, so that people can download it.
The question is, how do you make it avalible to unpoliticized people. We need to solve this, so we can compete with Big Tech.

Actual secession is unlikely, but I see a strong possibility that conservatives “secede” from mainstream society and fully create their own companies, institutions, banks, pop culture, social media, etc etc.

It’s a process that’s just starting but at the rate we’re going, conservatives will not be given a seat at the table in mainstream civil society within a decade — far beyond deplatforming, conservatives will be blacklisted from hiring, banned from banking, accessing much of the internet, etc etc

In return, conservatives will be pushed into creating their own alternate, separate society within the United States

You see the seeds of this being planted with apps like Parler and companies like MyPillow. Great starts

Within a decade or two, conservative culture and society will be a blooming and genuine alternative in America — that many people will be forced to join because liberal society refuses to give them a seat at the table.

DeSantis unleashed new voter integrity proposals today, which could restore confidence in our electorate if implemented nationwide.

PROBLEM SOLVED! - DeSantis's Voter Integrity Proposals Are a GAME CHANGER The Best Survival Food On The Market! Click Here! SAVE $100 On A 4-Week Supply! Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's proposals for election transparency and integrity...
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Good to see you on Parler

I think Desantis would be a better shot at winning in 2024 than trump at this point.

Which is why the left will never allow this to happen.

Ron is the man!

He is the man!

Biden's mental decline just keeps getting worse, even as he is President. Last night's CNN Town Hall was just more evidence of that.

Biden's CNN Town Hall Was a MASSIVE DISASTER Biden stopped playing Mario Kart from the White House basement for an hour to ramble on about how "kids are better than people," how "minorities do not know how to use the internet," how an "increase...
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Glad to see you back!

I think he was playing Tetris I don't think he knows what Mario kart is

Bumbling Biden is an idiot!

It’s back!

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Glad to see you back at Parler! Big fan!

But still they need to get their own servers.